Thursday, August 22, 2013

Free Li'l Play Houses

Early this year, I saw these little cardboard houses atop teller counters in our bank.  Maybe you saw them too?  They were cute.  They did their job -- got attention, promoted home loan...stuff.  Anyway, I asked then when the associated offer would end and the props would be obselete, and set a reminder to match the answer I was given.  And the day came;
And both of my girls are now proud owners of a little house.  A few quick swipes with a craft knife, and that little house has not one, but two functional doors.  Finger puppets and Sylvanian families have moved in, and both homes have been refurbished throughout.  I don't think either girl is interested in flipping them though.

Are you an ANZ customer?  Or bold enough to stroll in and ask even if you're not?  Because 1000's of these little things are due for back-store skips across the country.  Our personal banker even had ours put aside ready for us to collect.  So if you think your kids would get a few hours joy from these, (I doubt my girls will want to part with theirs. Ever.), do it!  You won't even have to wait half a year!
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