Thursday, August 8, 2013

Housebound in July

We were.
The whole month, pretty much.
With that bug we got.
And it wasn't so bad.
It was cold.
We snuggled.
We were spoiled by kind humans with more meals.
It passed.
Well, mostly.
I'm still not 100%, but I'm apparently not hurting anyone by goin' places. 

Aside from watching a heckofalot of movies (let's be honest, it happened), here is some of what we did to fill the quaratine weeks:
Pyjamas were worn.
Babies were worn.
Here I've laid down on the couch with the Moby still on because I could not bear the thought of Mia waking up when I birthed her from my wrap.  Also happening here: the big girls are in bed.  I should go to sleep at these times, but I don't straight away...because after each day comes to a close I think, "I'm tired, but I want to do something quiet now that doesn't feel like treading water," and so I forgo sleep.  Probably stupid.  Probably why I'm sick for four times as long as I should be.
These girls can colour or draw uninterrupted for 1.5 hours, easy.  Yes, I know, I have it good.  You may note Ivy is colouring a photocopy.  We copy pages from colouring books a lot 'round here.  I love Ivy's colouring style.  I also love that she likes to play with the Dalmation Dominoes (also pictured) by herself at the table, lining them all up.

I'm sure you've seen these things around.  Some are better than others.  This one was given to us by the MIL and it is a winner.  Working through it with the girls was really gratifying.  Seeing Esky fly through many of the tasks independently (like this "Connect the lower case alphabet in order" activity) made my heart soar with pride.  Ivy and Esky worked through the same book, I tailored tasks to help Ivy participate (she knows letters too, and can place a sticker just fine!).
The sticker book came with poster pull-outs, but posters like these are available for loan at all public libraries I've visited.  With the numbers poster I set the girls upon a quest to find sets of things to match each number -- both understood the task, and Esky (whom I thought it too easy for), loved the collecting part.
Yes, that is the fourth pair of pyjamas you have seen Esky in.  She was dressed in day clothes in one picture though!  And hey, at least I change the pyjamas!  So, with this poster of everyday words the girls covered the text with a polished stone after sounding out the word and reading its spelling.  Again -- they liked it more than I thought they would.
Letting the girls help me glue stuff -- also done.  (Scrapbook paper and wood -- so up my alley -- an alley far away from the ones filled with yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn.)
There were a lot of these. For me least of all, but everyone else seemed to have plenty of shut eye...
...with bums up... cushion mountains...
...and in baby doughnuts (even if you're a big girl).
Yeah, this happened.  I had an allergic reaction to a bee product I took to try to boot the illness.  Stupid.  I shouldn't have taken it anyway, since I'm nursing, but I hate antibiotics too.  Blah.  Blotches.  Awes'.
Esky got creative again and again.  This is apparently a person (pink curls, see?).  Her box aeroplane was a bigger success, I must say.

It is good to go out again.  But sickness and all, it wasn't the worst winter.  I've done my best to savour Mia's newness in amongst all of the laundry, eye drops and tissues.  Her scrumminess and the oxytocin no doubt worked wonders at keeping smiles in circulation.

I'm still tired.  But I am so very, very grateful, for this life of mine.  Oh, girls, you warm me up, and I'll remember all of this (/waving a hand up over the photos in the post) much longer than I'll remember the sight of your eyes crusted over with goop.  (Yes, conjuncti' was on our list of "experiences" for July.  But I beat that pesky and persistent beast!  I WON!)
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