Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's our Un-anniversary!

A few years ago I declared August 11th as our un-anniversary because I wanted to publicly celebrate being eternally wed to Haki more often. 
So I did -- here, here, here, here and here.

Dear Haki,

Thank you for calling me beautiful when I haven't run nary a hand through my hair...and for meaning it.

I think you make a good girl-daddy.  You'll make a formidable girlfriend-daddy too.

I don't like it when you cut your own hair, but I like that you have so much hair.  /high five for a hairline that shows no interest in receding.

You are getting better at coaxing me into changes you know I won't be excited about.  Well done.

You have been working a lot of hours lately, and I think you are doing a tremendous job of providing all we need and much of what we want!

Thank you for picking the cushions up off of the floor that day this week. I really really like when you do that.

I am certain of your place in my forever -- not because of compliments, coaxing, cash, cushions or great hair (although these sweeten the deal) -- but because I know it when I look at you, think of you, or feel your arm around my shoulder.  I know it.


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