Monday, August 12, 2013

Project: Don't Faint II

I am right now sweating in a waiting room with a group of equally balmy-with-nerves patients, awaiting cheap student dental treatment.

I am making a conscious effort to clench, even though I've already relieved myself twice in the proper place.

Two visits ago to the drill-house I was hospitalised for being a floppy fish, pretty much. Last visit, I got numbed up on the wrong side because the student assigned to me was so tightly wound after our last encounter.

And with my pregnancy over and Mia big enough to endure my absence without too much grief, I have returned. 

To sweat.

I will be assigned a new student in the emergency clinic and hope the gaping cavity left behind by the fallen-out Filling That Caused it All will not require an impromptu root canal after it is prepped for a replacement filling.

If you don't hear back from me tonight, it is probably because I am a mess of post-drill, lacking the faculties to follow-up.

I accept sympathy.

See you on the other side ...? /gulp
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