Monday, August 19, 2013

Would you believe, another princess book?

The False Princess, Ellis O'Neal
May I join the chorus; if you liked Ella Enchanted or The Goose Girl, you should try The False Princess.  Or read this first to see if you want to read the other two.  Just try one of them, already!  None of these are insipid books about pretty girls, they are engrossing tales about gutsy females, all.  I've loved tapping into this subgenre, and always looked forward to reading.  I want more!
  • But the names in this book gave me a headache at first.
  • So fun.
  • Not as beautifully written as Hale, but strong and good.
  • This book is like Trudi Canavan's The Magicians' Guild, for beginners -- the protagonist shares a similar journey in to Sonea.
  • This novel has more sexual references than The Princess Academy, so if you're starting these with kids, I'd go for that with your younger readers.  And I mean references, not recounts, there are none of the latter.
  • After overlooking the improbability of the initial predicament, the story moves at a good pace and I found myself quite invested from a third of the way in -- eager to read.
  • Happy endings = treat.

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