Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eight Time-consumers at 8:00

  1. Another Pair of House Guests. Not long after my beloved parents left, my sister arrived with her youngest (free flyer) in tow.  As a result, posts stalled, unpacking slowed, and late night chats assumed sleep's place in my schedule.  Here's my Mia, left (3.5 months), with her li'l porcelain cousin (11 months).  In my mind, Mia is saying, "Oo!  Where did you poof in fwom?"  Yes, my child is long and has apparently developed a lisp pre-actual-speech.
  2. The Neighbour Meet'n'Greet. We have loved getting to know the people in our neighbourhood, in our neigh-burrrr-hood; learning the name of a the renegade rabbit was just the beginning.  Now we know the name of the women who hush their yappy dogs and how long that sweet older couple that trek by to town have been married for.  Glad this absorbed some of our days before item 8 began. /wink..."Hi, yes, we've just moved in.  Oh, sorry about you have an old towel, perchance?"
  3. Unpacking.  One room and a double garage to go.  /wiping brow
  4. Nesting. The girls' new room is my favourite in all the house;
  5. The Primary Presentation.  It approaches.  I prepare.
  6. Reading when I shouldn't be. I am exhausted.  Crazy-tired, I tells ya!  But I read fiction every night with a hefty sense of entitlement to a dose of entertainment before I slumber.  That, and sleep seems to elude me if I head to bed with lists a-circlin'.
  7. Vitamin D Dosing.  Washing flapping.
  8. AND /drumroll.........Toilet Training! This just in: it's still emotionally taxing.  I thrill at the thought of having kids that train themselves, but thus far, nope -- I have children that desperately want to use the toilet but have very little idea of how to master their pee parts.  Or their poo part.  Oh, the poop.  Ivy poop.  Lots of it.  But all with a side serving of plastered-on smiles.  If this were all about me, we'd be riding the potty train in a few weeks -- a few weeks after the house guests that came after the house guests that came after the move that came after the new baby mama gushes over.  Alas, Ivy decided upon waking three days ago, she'd like to pee in the toilet.  It has begun, and there is no turning back.  Warning/promise: Poop anecdotes to follow; optimism to be stoked like a dying fire; and tear-filled pride to be enjoyed in fractions of seconds that dwarf the weeks (please not months) of stifled other-emotions.
Striking Keys: Potty Training
Toilet Training Posts from days gone by:
(you can bet your bottom dollar I'm re-reading my own posts on this subject /snicker "bottom dollar" /snorty snort).
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