Thursday, September 26, 2013

High tide comes again

My low ebbs are not so low, when they come.  Although they do come.
But since becoming a mother, I've found my life alternates between the good and the great.
Every challenge feels so finite compared to these infinite additions. 
Today approached perfection;
Washing cracking, children running, pages turning, wounds kissed.
Open smiles, siblings' hugs, nearness, play, and a roaming rabbit.
A husband asleep with his head on my lap in the sun.
A neighbour greeting each of my dearest ones by name with thumbs looped beneath her backpack straps.
A package from overseas.
A small head on my shoulder, a babe in my lap, and another's hand on my arm.
A warm home when the day is done.
We have so much, and want for nothing of importance.
And so I take stock, record, and promise to remember.

I'm feeling this all over again (Love = Laundry).
And with toilet training still in progress, there's a lot of love.
I'm also tired.  But oh, for the best reasons.  I'll probably see those chalk artists around 2am. They might talk for an hour about the new house and neighbourhood sounds they're unsure about or a dream one of them has just had.
And I'll probably be tired again tomorrow.
But I'll do it all again, and again, and wish for time to slow because it means they're here.
Good night.

High Tide // High Tide II
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