Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mama's Mia

  • Mia is content so long as she can see her girls (Mama, Esky and Ivy) -- the more girls, the merrier the Mia.  Watching her girls outside is the ultimate.
  • Favourite sound to make for an entire week at 3.5 months: the "hccckkkkk" of a long skateboard grind.
  • In the car, Esky and Ivy take turns pulling a string to a music box playing, "It's a Small Word After All," and Mia undeniably responds to it. 
  • This kid is looooong.  It is what people comment on most, and it is the dot that is off the charts when we're plotting her measurements.  Yes, she is above the 99.5th percentile for weight and head circumference, but she is way above it for length.  Outgrowing the bassinet at 3 months and wearing 9-12 month clothing (at 4 months) corroborate this story.
  • And yet, she nurses less frequently than either of her sisters did, and less than any other babes I know.  (Third child in I got a sleeper!)
  • She enjoys being sung to.
  • She laughs when you pop her socks.  Naturally.
  • Also: Chatty.  Sorry Haki, you're screwed.
  • I still find Mia makes me all gooey about babies.
  • Haki and I took her to Now You See Me in the Moby.  She stayed awake and quiet for the entire film.  Wha'?  (Esky used to sleep for entire movies, and Ivy -- well, she didn't sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time all too often, so she didn't join us at the movies).
  • All of my babies have explosive poo.  I wish my sister (she tried, she tried) had found a flaw in my containment procedures...but really, it is the sheer force of it all that sees me soaking up to four mustard poop-covered outfits a day.  I have a gut feeling my unrelenting let-down, "bonny" babies, and their jet force southerly omissions are all connected.  
  • At this early age, it is no surprise she's a mama's girl. I have the mighty milk to thank for that, I am sure.  The feeling's mutual though, m'girl; I like pinky-wrappin' if it is your pinky!
  • Mia is smiley. 
 And this was tonight at 7:32pm:

And 7:34...
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