Monday, September 9, 2013

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 34

Now You See Me 
This was a great date-night movie for us; we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We wouldn't have minded if one unnecessary relationship had been left out, and there is some swearing that could have been cut while they were at it.
Emma (2009)
It's official -- I've found all of the major adaptations of Emma to be excellent.  While this Emma may be wide eyed and overly expressive, I found she grew on me to be just swell at representing an open and playful character not at all given to be reserved.  It took some time though...since this film's Miss Smith was awfully appealing alongside her (instead of a paler flower by comparison, which I think she should be -- pretty but not striking), so taking to the casting took some time.  But thankfully there was time to be had -- a mini-series instead of a movie? Yes, please!  More time to explore the intricacies of a fantastic plot.  I also forgave the obvious glances, (I find Austen's crafting is more subtle than that). Like I say, I watched this weeks after watching another Emma, and was happy to have done so, so it was still grrrreat!  Thank you, Johanna, for sending this to me!
Warm Bodies
I haven't seen a black comedy this good in a long time.  Yes, I enjoyed it.  I was surprised too.  I don't expect you all will, but I suspect some of you who think it's not your cuppa just might.  I was in your camp!  I don't like zombies.  And this film was violent and distasteful.  How then was it funny, entertaining, and ultimately uplifting?  I am perplexed typing those two sentences beside each other, even now!   More ridiculous contradictions?  Okay!  It was hideous and absurd whilst being fantastic.  The parody is strong, with this one.  The fact that a blonde Kristen Stewart double (sorry, lass, I am with the masses on this one, you do look like her -- but hey, your teeth are better!) is falling in love with a pale, cold undead [actual] monster she should run from -- priceless.  The Romeo and Juliet allusions?  Loved 'em.  Much better than I thought it would be.  Includes: some blasphemy and coarse language (as well as aforementioned violence).
The Impossible
Scariest thing I've ever watched.
I sobbed.
Projecting does that.
I never want to visit the islands.
Or put my children down.  Ever. 
(I've recovered since, but not forgotten the fear!)
Everyone should see this movie, and yet no one should -- it makes disasters real for those comfortably watching from afar...but it also torture.   This film is an excellent self-pity-killer (something I needed whilst packing and exhausted with the girls...because I was WITH the girls, after all).  Ya, ya, I know it's been Anglosaxonised / white-ed up.  Yes, I get that most  people who were affected by the tsunami were not perfect lookin' whities (including the family whose story upon which the film is based).  But I forgive that.  This isn't a documentary.  This doesn't pretend to be a representation of the everyday fisherman.  This is a movie designed to reach the Western masses -- the audiences, like me, who can best relate to this emotional ordeal, and imagine being there, by imagining being there as a tourist.  That's plausible.  I could've been there...if I'd been holidaying...not because I was born into an entirely different life.  Make sense?  This is a story of the privileged, yes.  The whole story is much bigger.  But I am the privileged, watching it.  And finishing it, it blew my mind to consider the scale of this disaster for allNot your average disaster movie.  Acting = very strong.
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