Friday, September 6, 2013


We have.

And I still hate it. (Moving.)

Where did the last two weeks of my life go?!

Oh that's moving.  To getting back to square one.
They went to managing the normal day to day on top of a mammoth task.
Oh wait, not normal day to day, since sleeping doesn't come so easy to some small humans in the new house.  And it's hard to find nail clippers.  And glasses.  And anything you put down.
It is not normal to have to clear the table and counters for 20 minutes before actually starting meal prep.
Moving, who'd do it?
And it's not really over for the Chief Executive Officer of Unpacking. can imagine more moaning here, let's move on.

I am grateful for all the help we received.  Although I was often embarrassed.  Oh, the abominable dust bunnies that lurk beneath seldom moved things!

And yes, as we settle in, I feel excited about this house and living here.  This was the right call.

Other things of note:
  • Before we began the move-proper (with trucks and trailers and helpers present) -- get this -- Haki pulled a muscle in his back, doubled over, and stayed that way for a long time.  Really.  He then walked like a badly animated stick-man for a week.  If you think unearthing dusty hoppers is unpleasant, try being burly and couch-bound while everyone else moves your family.  
  • We moved a good half hour's drive from our rural home to a centrally-located property.  That said, our outlook is a large grassy park, the harbour, and shrubbery all around.  You could almost pretend we were still out in the woppity wops.
  • Ivy keeps saying, "I'm really going to miss that chicken," (echoing a phrase Esky and I have uttered in her presence enough for her to adopt it, obviously).
  • Seeing our new garden's bark scattered across our driveway (that is sealed by the way, sealed -- not gravel!), I presumed birds were busy at nesting (like me, /chortle chortle).  I was kind of right.  We came down the drive one afternoon to find the chief culprit undoing all my sweeping (the things we do for training wheels to roll smoothly, am I right?); there, in amongst the bark, scratching and foraging, was a hen.  I kid you not.  Unfortunately, this hen is of the scratch-and-poop-but-leave-no-eggs variety.  Drat.  C'mon, nest!  All the cool kids are doing it.
  • But...when I went door-knocking to locate the hen's owner, I came upon a fat brown rabbit, just hangin'.  Outside.  Free...but friendly.  Said rabbit also belongs to the people who have chickens.  Right next door.  In the city.  Did I mention?  Anywhoooo...the fatty wabbit is called "Fudgehog," so named by the owner's resident 4-year-old girl.  
  • Yes, just when we all thought nothing could top plums, Wisteria, Jasmine and free eggs, along comes a fat rabbit on the loose and a four-year-old.  Touché, new house, touché.
  • You'll be pleased to know that I got all tell-all with the new neighbour about the good old days at the Lighthouse, with the eggs.  The neighbour's answering words: "Any eggs you find on your property are free game."  That's right folks, permission before the laying.  Now, to go out and make an inviting hen-nest.../rubbing hands together.  I'm kidding.  Well, now I'm kidding, since I've chided myself after the idea came to me.
  • Because I was so embarrassingly behind in packing, a lot of people ended up not just liftin' and stackin', but filling boxes to get us out of there.  I did my best to dash around hiding our unmentionables, but I dare say the odd vaginal cream was flashed about.  /hiding eyes behind my hand.
Be gone bullets, to the photos already!

My parents were here.  Stink that their trip turned out to be the opposite of holiday...but awesome that I survived thanks to them.

Here is my dad with Mia...conked.  We all felt this way...all the time.  We still played some board games.
Here is Esky's Collection.  It runs the length of the giant shed at our old house.  We will rebuild.
In amongst all this, Haki gave Mia her special baby's blessing on Sunday...
And to celebrate the miracle of clothing my children thus, with only a box jungle to draw from, I took many pictures...
But look at 'em?  Wouldn't you?!

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