Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some Sanderson

Legion and The Emperor's Soul, Brandon Sanderson
More than one of you has told me I would like Sanderson.  Consequently, I've had a few of his titles in my e-reader or on hold for some time. Recently, however, Hachette kindly released two of his novellas together in one volume, and so sampling his work was escalated to the top of my queue.  This volume is a great place to start with for collecting Sanderson titles, if that's your game, as you aren't setting yourself up to purchase a series first up (e.g. Mistborn), but you can have two whole stories, just like that.  Boom.

Interesting, different, and readable in an hour -- perfect for a flight or doctor's visit.  This title didn't particular showcase Sanderson's form, but the content is tight.  A very light sci fi / speculative tale that I think would be enjoyed by SF fans and not-usually-into-SF-readers alike.

The Emperor's Soul
World-building on speed, is what this is!  This is my first fantasy novella, and it's magical to boot.  I was impressed with how quickly Sanderson transmitted information without swamping me.  The opening is pretty intriguing, and the concept is strong.  I think Sanderson has great tales to tell. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't wowed by his execution, but I'd say, "Not bad," to both, and happily recommend them, as I say, to fill in a short stretch. Easy, short acceptable reads, both of them.  Great ideas, satisfactory delivery.

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