Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cyborg Cinderella

Cinder, Marissa Meyer
You read that post title right.  It's a fairytale retelling.  Of Cinderella.  And she's a cyborg.  Holy heck-to-the-yes!  If you're cringing at that, you can stop reading now (And who needs ya?  Okay, I do, pseudo-desperately, please come again?), but if you're intrigued or find your interest a tad piqued, I assure you, this book delivers.
  • I'll buy this.  It isn't perfect (But what book is?  Oh, that's right, Okay for Now, is. And Days of Blood and Starlight is so close, let's call it that)...but it's like an instant cult classic of SF candy.
  • So, I say it's not perfect in terms of consistency/continuity.  True.  I think we've gotta cut Meyer some slack here -- this is her debut.  And there is some serious world-building.  I think there are really only a handful of flaws, and if you're pounding through the pages (as I was), you don't care.  And when I say there are some flaws, they are not glaring headscratchers like, "Why don't they just climb the tree and kill the girl?  I thought this was a fight to the death. Grrr.  Death fight,"
  • Basically, she did so much right, let's not nitpick.  
  • The story is playful and cheeky.
  • The premise is bold, and I loooove it.  She pulls it off, and with so many fine, memorable details to add to the tale.
  • Cinder is sassy.  Love. this. heroine.
  • The story features a non-twist, but who cares?  
  • The writing is strong.
  • The pacing is good.
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