Thursday, October 3, 2013

Five at 5:00: 3 are about the toilet

  1. I had a smear appointment last week.  Remember my last smear appointment?  I preferred that one, in case you're wondering.
  2. I am wondering where my prizes are for toilet training.  No, I don't mean I deserve a sticker for each milestone my child reaches in this process -- oh, no, I'm mature -- I get to have kids, I understand the reward for our teamwork is innate.  See, matuuuure.  What I want is rewards each time I use the toilet. /blink blink. Seriously, it's still an achievement...especially if I go uninterrupted.  That's it, I'm demanding high fives upon my return from now on.  I promise I always wash my hands.
  3. Speaking of milestones, Ivy had her first accident-free day today.  Woop.
  4. I realise this is the third point on toilet training.  You're the one still reading.  Sunday, at Haki's mother's, I was doing all manner of singing and dancing as Ivy pushed out the second half of a turd on the toilet, including a "Push it out, push it out, waaaay out," chant.  Ivy directed a stern gaze back at me in response and slowly sang, "," then winced as she pushed.  Thattagirl.  (Her intonations matched those at 17 seconds, via the link.  I thank you for not asking where the first half of the turn went /gracious bow.)
  5. I am loving where we live.  You all knew this would happen.  The end.
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