Thursday, October 17, 2013

Five Remedies at 5:00

  1. Thimba's ignition something-a-rather gave out last week.  But hey, we got to see our beloved car taken away on a flatbed truck!  And the failed start happened at home, so we weren't stranded elsewhere with a toilet training two-year-old, hungry babe, and commentating 4-year-old.  It was a week-day too -- when we could get help promptly.  Really, it was a good breakdown, in the scheme of things.
  2. When I feel a sniffle coming on, I find popping some olive leaf capsules actually works.  And I'm usually a skeptic about these types of things.  It's safe for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers, too!
  3. I have found three children coming in for morning cuddles has proven...interesting.  They all desire a bicep pillow.  I lack the correct number of arms to meet the demand. I think we are all glad about that lack.  But a solution was needed.  And a solution was found; whoever arrives last lays perpendicular to me -- locking legs with mine, curled up to use my forearm (the upper arm is already taken) as a pillow.  This means the duvet side edge is the top of the bed for them.  If you're ever presented with the three-bubba-cuddle pickle, try it.  /wink  Seriously, who knew I'd have these kinds of dilemmas?  /singing: "glorious!"
  4. I still have a temporary filling in my mouth.  I return for treatment at Dental School next week.  Yeah, two x-rays, a 1-hour exam and the preparatory dental work total cost from last time?  $29.  You betcha I am going back.  /high fives.../delayed lip-chewing
  5. Our new home has active borer.  Nothing unpacking all of your cupboards and having them gassed won't fix!  Oh, and repacking them.  I seem to remember this process happening oh-so-recently...  Sheesh.  So glad the pest control people gave a guarantee on work done a few years back. Worth the work to reduce the infestation!  ...and yes, I kind of enjoyed putting it all back in.

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