Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 36

Dan in Real Life
Haki and I have watched this twice together since it was released on DVD, and enjoyed it both times.  We like Steve Carrell, generally, but I think this is my favourite of all the characters he has played.  Both times we have squeezed each other at the end and agreed, "That was nice."  There are some magic and very authentic-feeling moments in this.  Good'un.

Coco Avant Chanel
Mildly interesting instead of entertaining or impressive.  I'm glad I learned more about Coco Chanel...but would rather have Wiki-ed it than seen this.  Oh, the sexy French.  
Remember Me
I didn't read this had the rudies in it before I watched it.  Yes, I still often call it that.  /sigh  If you're new around here, you can probably guess from my infantile euphemism I'm not fond of sex scenes.  Anyway, I'm slipping if they're catching me off-guard -- it's not hard to do a moment's homework.  I thought the film captured college life well.  I found the acting strong (especially by the youngest player).  I got emotional more than once.  Note: in addition to some thrusting -- yup, that's how I'll sum-up the sex scene, there's a shouted F-bomb and a lot of substance references.  I would be interested to know how others found this movie -- but do your best not to spoil it in the public comments, I can reply with questions for you after you comment you've seen it!
Charlotte's Web (1973)
This is the version of Charlotte's Web I watched over and over as a child.  I viewed it for the first time as an adult, with my older girls this week.  I still don't like Wilbur's voice.  But Debbie Reynolds as Charlotte?  Inspired.  And better than Julia Roberts by a long mile.  The girls enjoyed it.  Esky had a lot of questions.  Hearing these songs again brought back a lot of feelings I had when I used to watch it as a child.  If you haven't seen this version or shared it with your kids, it's a great musical addressing the circle of life via animals, and with creatures and scenarios (although dated) that may feel more real and accessible than learning via the Pridelands.
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