Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Toilet Training: Appendix B

Striking Keys: Potty Training 
  • Ivy's training commenced because she said she needed to go one morning, and then she the right place.  She did it four more times that day (in the right place)...and about as often not there too.  Nonetheless, awesome!  The first week was about 50-50 success with pee.  Two weeks in she pooed in the loo for the first time.  This is amazing, compared to my experience with Esky (3 long months of poop).  I'm optimistic this will be a shorter deal.
  • Sitting the learner on the toilet after an accident (during clean-up and new clothing collection) has been key, for this one -- if she can simply be stripped on the spot and keep playing, what is the point of learning to stop the fun to go and sit in a room?
  • I have a bunch of absorbent training knickers this time around that I didn't have with Esky.  Game changers.  They're made out of towel-like fabric and they catch so much more.  Less cleaning up is a good thing.  Paired with fleece trackpants? I have a child who knows she is wet and floor that is often not at all.  Win.
  • My clean up protocol is so refined now -- paper towels, a wipe, and Dettol germ- and odour-killing spray = tops.
  • You've got to have wipes in the bathroom for when they don't quite make it for the number two, can I get an "Amen"?  Ah, poopedy poop poop.
  • Also on the "Supplies Required" list: Hand moisturiser. My hands are toast.
  • Three days into training, Ivy was thrashing in protest when we even mentioned the bathroom.  We introduced the knicker sticker chart.  Catchy.  After 2.5 days of said chart, Ivy was washing her hands at the sink after I sang and danced the wonder of her wee.  Me: "You get another sticker on your knicker chart!  Well done!"  Ivy: "I have enough.  No more stickers.  I pway now."  That's right folks, the extrinsic rewards became a chore to our second child.  A chore.   
  • Flushing is a free reward...and one she's still liking.  You're welcome child.  That one'll keep on givin'. /wink
Stickers: earned by Ivy.  Stars: added by big sis.
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