Thursday, November 21, 2013

Picture Book Round-up: Seasons Story, Ten in the Bed Follow-up, The Smartest Giant and a Vengeful Mole +

The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was None of his Business, Werner Holzwarth/Wolf Erlbruch
This book was recommended to me by just the sort of person I would expect to recommend a book about poop.  But this book is a notch above the other potty humour offerings, I swear.  The puns, the frankness, the story -- I love it.  We have it out for the fourth time from the library, but this is the first time Esky has really laughed out loud while reading it.  There is a pop-up edition of this and it adds so. much. to the story.
Katie and the Dinosaurs, James Mayhew
When I picked this up last library visit I suspected the girls would enjoy it. I was not prepared for just how much! They request this multiple times every day.  It has a more classic feel to the illustrations (1991) and story than many other dino-tales, and while the narrative formula isn't unique, some of the phrases and ideas are sweet and original.
Read Anything Good Lately?  Susan Allen and Jane Lindaman
A refreshing spin on alphabet books, helping to extend vocabulary for older readers with an "A is for..." format, citing a wide variety of texts we read.  The illustrations are very appealing for this age.
All Through the Year, Jane Godwin and Anna Walker
We have this out from the library for the third or fourth time.  Esky's enjoyed it each issue, and understood it well for at least a year (so you could get this out younger).  This time, however, she is making even more astute, independent observations about the changes and details within (e.g. the baby's development, month to month).  The darling illustrations and southern hemisphere seasons are an excellent sum-up of a year and serve as a great help for time teaching.
Duck's Stuck!  Kyle Mewburn
When Haki read this aloud to the girls, he said, "Ooo! I like books like this!"  That would be: tongue-twister-ey type rhymers.  Duck's Stuck has plenty of room to add voices and enthusiasm to the fun rhymes, and our girls both find it funny.
Ten Out of Bed, Penny Dale
Esky was smitten with Penny Dale's Ten In the Bed for a long time, seeing the same bunch return with this twist on the original had her engaged, instantly. Also, there's a train! (This would also read well from a much younger age.  "Read" well?  Yeah, we sing it.)
Wild About Dolphins, Nicola Davies
I borrow at least two non-fiction titles each time I update our library book selection stack.  Esky always devours books about animals and vehicles, but the style of writing in this particular title was perfect for her right now.  Told as a story, instead of simply presenting a checkerboard/collage of facts, Esky took a real interest in the author's journey and kept saying, "So this really happened?!"  Her first kinda-biography?  Rad.
The Smartest Giant in Town, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
We recently attended a storytime held at our city's beautiful botanical gardens, and the reader was tremendous.  We clapped after each book.  Somehow I hadn't seen The Smartest Giant in Town yet, and it went down a treat (with me too). We are collecting it from the library hold's desk at our next visit.  (Yes, you'll recognise the style and names from The Gruffalo.)

[No, you have not tuned into the Twilight Zone...those are not my children.  They're Sarah's Aryan's.]

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