Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Five Cut Corners at 5:00

  1. If my kids vomit on themselves (clothes, hair, the whole she-bang), I put them into the shower fully clothed.  This saves peeling them out of clammy, smelly clothes -- often flinging chunks along the way and smearing the foul stuff over faces / arms / hair further.  They get warm faster, the ick washes away, and the clothes are promptly readied for the washing machine, all in one quick step.  In the shower you may then carefully undress them while they are warm, getting clean, the smell is minimised, and they are being soothed by the shower's magic.  I really think it diffuses a potential drama-fest.  I have also been known to throw soiled sheets on the floor of the bath (we have a shower over the bath) to get them rinsed too.  I only recently discovered this was not common practice when I got the "What the...?" face from a friend's child as I carted and doused his dressed sibling, post-spew.  It works, people.  If you're not doing it, I'm giving you the "What the...?" now.
  2. On managing child spew: a wise friend told me she lines pillows with towels at the first indication of sore tummies.  Top parent tip, right there.
  3. You know that Southwest Chipotle salad recipe I gave a shout out?  It's still my diet staple.  Talk about phases, sheesh.  It's been nice -- eating something I whipped up in a few minutes as the side/main dish for 6 or so consecutive meals (I exaggerate not) while my kids are on the BRAT Diet (after catching the aforementioned spew bug from friend's child).  It was short -- all goooood.  Thank you, towels.
  4. Re that salad, I've found ways to cut costs with it; making my own chipotle sauce helps, for starters.  I also use peas in place of the capsicum, and sautéed brown onion instead of raw red.  I think it tastes better this way, too.  Now there's pretty much no stopping me.
  5. Have I ever told you how great my city is?  'Cause it is really great, and you should visit.  Let's cut a corner on this 'ere bullet and direct you to a guest post over at Everyday Reading about just that (you will be forgiven for lingering and possibly not having time for me anymore once you've sampled The Janssen).
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