Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ivy plays hard to get

 At 2.5, Ivy...
  • ...sometimes chooses to say, "No thanks," when people ask her for things, including hugs. When she wants to give hugs, she is very generous and energetic about it, but hugs generally happen when she feels like it.  She is also 50-50 on readily sharing and coming when called.  Nothing really beats an Ivy hug though (she holds you around the neck and brings her cheeks up to squish yours).
  • ...quotes movies and shows.  Big time.  After seeing Wall-E, she called in Eve's voice, "Wall-E!" out of nowhere, regularly.  (It's high-pitched and distinctive, I assure you.)  She also quotes a video she watched with Haki once, often -- because it makes Haki laugh -- "What about...tupcakes?"  About a month ago, we were all sitting at the table, some colouring, some snacking, some updating their diary lists (/wave), and she put her hand on my arm and earnestly said, "Look at your people Moses, they are free," then resumed colouring.
  • ...cracks me up.  One afternoon she asked if I wanted to eat her, and I said, "Sometimes -- you're so yummy!"  And hugging her, I pretended to nom nom nom on her cheeks, whilst kissing her as well.  She sat up very straight, reached out towards my mouth and plucked invisible balls of Ivy-flesh out of the air, returning them to their home, and said, "You broke my face!"  Trolled. Another?  Once when I was using the bathroom, she knocked on the door, came in, and passed me something invisible.  This isn't unusual (the invisible objects...nor the interruption).  I assumed it was pretend food.  I raised my hand to my mouth, whilst politely inviting her to go play somewhere else.  Motioning towards the thing she'd just gifted me in my hand she said, "I gave you some privacy."
  • ...always has at least one scrape on her person.  The kid trips a lot. I've seen her do it from a stationary position.  Haki and I exchange stupid-swallow-the-laugh faces over this fairly regularly.
  • ...can't quite grasp how any person could be more than one thing at a time, if she feels the chosen descriptors are at all related.  For example, if Esky says, "Ivy, you're gorgeous!" Ivy replies, "No, I pritty!"  Me: "You're quite the little lady!"  Ivy: "No, I'm a big girl!" Similary, when I high-fived her after she experienced success on the toilet saying, "You're the pee master!" she came back with, "No, I'm a superhero cape!"  Ahem. Yes, once we've convinced her of one identity, she is not ready to take on another.  This is her saying "cheese" because she sees I've held up my phone.  I prefer the natural smile (above), myself, but thattagirl.
  • ...over nap-time.  She dropped it most days at two, and now only grabs a catch-up one about once a week.
  • ...mouths words to books while you read to her.
  • ...loves: playing dress-ups (especially a construction hat), syrup (she once gave "syrup" as her answer to, "What would you like on your toast?"),  wrapping "presents" in scarves (mimicking her sister), the song, "If the Saviour Stood Beside Me" (and knows all three verses), singing solo (she'll often ask you to stop if you join in), Thomas (the train), and wearing "butta feet" (which is bare feet, FYI).
  • ...used to fall asleep listing baking ingredients; "buttaaaa, sugaaaa...meelk....buttaaaa...flowaa.....buttaaaa."  Sounds like something French.  This lasted about 3 weeks after her birthday cake; and
  • her second birthday, she could recognise all of her letters, and sing the alphabet with the ol' "Elemenohpee" slur.  Now, she articulates each letter clearly, and knows both cases well.
  • moved by movies.  She got very tearful in The Waterhorse (a movie I'm yet to show her all of) as she watched the scene where the boy sends Crusoe away into the Loch. 
  • ...routinely delivers a "talk" at the mic. at her grandmother's on Sundays, after having seen various speakers do the same earlier that day.  Her mic.?  The handle-end on the logburner.
  • brave.  When our entire family chose to scatter duck feed, unsure if we were prepared to hold our hand still with an offering for an eager beak, Ivy didn't hesitate to extend hers...and giggled hard when the duck pecked her palm. Then we were all prepared to do it.  Furthermore, when Esky was speaking and singing for the duration of the Primary presentation for the first time, Ivy just went on up and joined in for the whole thing.  She stood and sang each song, she sat still and quiet during all of the other children's parts, and even went to the stand and sang with the Sunbeam class (Esky's).  We hadn't suggested this, nor had she rehearsed...she just arrived in the chapel and must've thought, "This is different.  I'm in."
  • going through an anti-drain phase.
  • ticklish.  When you even barely touch her and say, "I'm gonna tickle you," she screeches, "It tickles!  It tickles!"
  • ... colours in like this:
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