Friday, November 29, 2013

Mia Digs Faces

Mia has been earth-side 6 whole months, as of yesterday.  6 months!  She is...
  • ...all about touching people's faces.  She gently strokes those holding her or within reach, with what Haki calls her "contemplative face."
  •, so happy and smiley.
  • everywhere companion;  
  • ...still super long, with her little plotted dot jumping off the charts.
  • ...a marshmallow.
  • ...biting.  Her first tooth (the bottom left) emerged at 5.5 months, and its neighbour appeared a few days ago.
  • ...starting on rusks, at this stage.  And she likes them!  I'll give her some other solids soon...but  her diet doesn't appear to be lacking (see bullet 3).
  • ...showing no interest in moving.  If something isn't within leaning-reach, it's not worth having, to this baby's way of thinking.  And yes, the two second-mothers nearby often ensure she has anything she stretches towards anyway.
  • ...sitting (she only started a few weeks ago...and these shots are from those early days of "Hold...hold...timberrrrr").
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