Saturday, November 16, 2013

More Sci Fi Fairytalin'
Scarlet, Marissa Meyer
I got a chronic case of book-hand reading this one late into the night, but it was worth losing all signs of life from one extremity to pound through these fun pages;
  • If a cyborg Cinderella was a treat of an idea before (and oh, how it was), the concept evolves into fully-fledged dessert in Meyer's sequel.  That's right, while you do become acquainted with a new, gutsy heroine in search of her missing grandmother (sound familiar?), you need not farewell the mechanic you came to love in Cinder -- and she just gets better, to boot.
  • That's not all that improves, I found the dialogue stronger in the second installment of The Lunar Chronicles.  
  • I was also pleased to find things were kept clean and tasteful in book two.
  • Meyer specialises in describing two things: human interactions...and food.  It makes you hungry.
  • But there does seem to be an awful lot of lip pursing.  By the leading lady, not me.  I was licking my lips, more like.  Seriously, the book's a paper appetiser. 
  • One non-spoiling tidbit: the character I'm fondest of in this book is not human (if you were tempted to run for the hills after seeing "sci fi" in the post's title, that must be utterly tantalising.  Thing is, it should be -- non-human favourite = awesomepants).
  • There's no ignoring these books are science fiction, however.  I cannot promise "you'll barely notice you're reading SF."   You will notice, you'll notice hard.  But oh, the joy of a genre that doesn't often take itself too seriously.   Give it a chance, haters!
  • As the cover art, title, and reference to granny in bullet one unite to suggest, you're in for a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  Upon a moment's contemplation of this narrative's selection, I groaned at where the story might you may now, playing the folktale out in your mind.  But you know what?  I found myself slowly shirking my uneasiness and taking pleasure from how things played out.  
  • The cocktail of characters?  So entertaining.
  • You know, I've never watched any Buffy, but I think if she captained the Firefly, that might resemble the marriage we have here.
  • I am looking forward to the next book.  And hey, guess what!  It's not a trilogy!  It's a series of chronicles, with four slated for publication thus far.  Wa-ah-woot!

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