Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sabbath Amusements XXI

[A Mondegreen]

My sister was recently discussing the meaning behind the metaphor in the song, "The Wise Man Built his House upon the Rock," with her children. 
What an eye-opener, huh? 
It's not all about location, location, location, people.

Her daughter then asked, "So what about the Ninja song?!  What does that really mean?"

Brain, racked and coming up with naught, she asked the child to elaborate.

The reply: "You know, 'I'm all made of Ninjas 'cause everything bends, from the top of my neck, way down to my ends...'"

For those that don't know the original action song, that would be hinges, m'dear, hinges;

I'm all made of hinges, 'cause ev'rything bends
From the top of my neck way down to my ends.
I'm hinges in front, and I'm hinges in back;
But I have to be hinges, or else I would crack!

Now that's one song that'll never be the same.  Thanking you, neiceeeey.
(And how improved is that last line with plural martial arteeests?!)
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