Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Blog Header

I've just finished a header design for the super-sweet Angela, of Tall, Short, Tiny & a Pickle...whom I have become so fond of in real life, I've been afraid of painting a clear picture on the friendship front for fear of making y'all envious that such a treasure is in my city and not yours.
Sorry about that...
...well, for your sake.   
Also: Angela is further evidence that blog-friends can become real-life-I-want-to-keep-you-forever friends.'s a preview:

Click through to check it out over at her blog.  If you haven't swung by already, hers is a lovely space to visit, and not just because of my humble efforts at a new look; Angela is honest, well-travelled, well-read, and did I mention sweet?  Because she's that too. 
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