Monday, December 2, 2013

Esky gets the giggles

At 4.5, Esky...
  • ...gets the giggles. Often.  A sure way to bring them on, is for her to attempt Stealth Peek-a-boo with Mia (she sneaks under tables / out of the room / behind Mia's back...meerkatting into view in Mia's peripheral vision over and over).  This usually brings on fits of them.
  • ...has already done her first major public speaking gig.  She surprised us by audibly reading to the congregation by herself during the Primary presentation.
  • reading many sight words, and sounding out others.  Language is one of her strengths.
  • ...speaks up, when asked a question.  She was a little quiet in her responses before; I can see her confidence growing.
  • ...has been known to sing in her sleep.
  • ...plays up any injury or ailment quite a bit.  She's envious if Ivy gets a plaster.
  • ...often draws things she is observing with her finger on a surface in front of her. I did this when I was a kid.
  • ...has had her first proper hair-cut.  We had to get those ends out of the wipe-zone, if ya know what I mean.
  • ...has only just stopped holding a finger in her belly button for comfort.
  • chatty.  When we were reading a book with a baby chick sitting in a nest, she began this soliloquy; "I wonder why the chick isn't very chubby for a baby.  I know, because it doesn't drink milk" (let us pause here to reflect on what this child considers normal...okay, carrying on), "Instead, its mother has to get food over and over and over and over.  That is a lot of work.  And that is why I don't want to be a bird."  And that was when I unpaused and carried on reading.
  • sure to call out a question every time she goes for number twos.  Seriously.  I hear a question called across the house, I know it's because she is on the toilet, feels alone, and wants to connect.  She says the thoughts just come to her there.  Whatev's, kid, you want to chat because you feel isolated on the can.  I get it.
  • into telling jokes.  The nonsensical kind.  My favourite.
  • ...has an incredible way with Mia.  She keeps that girl smiling and happy a lot, for the team.  Thank you, Esky.
  • sensible, sensitive and thoughtful.
  • ...didn't know what a gun was when she saw a cowboy holding one recently in Where's Wally?  I took a moment to cast my mind back over her first four years, and realised it was probably the first representation of one she'd encountered. 
  • grateful and shows her appreciation often.  We were reading a book that featured an illustration of a child standing on tiptoes, posting a letter addressed to "Santa" in a red mailbox.  Esky, seeing this, exclaimed, "Isn't that so nice, Mama?  That girl has written a thank-you letter to Santa!"  Of course that's what she's sending, Esky, of course.  Stay this way forever?
  • ...laughs easily at Mama-jokes.  Surest bet: talking to an inanimate object, give it praise / greet it upon finding it / thank it for a job done well -- all winners, with Esky.
  • ...likes to secure the perimeter around herself when she is absorbed in books or a movie -- she gathers toys / books / cushions etc. and creates a ring of things that she sits in the middle of.  She explains it is like a fence to keep her safe.  I'm sure a shrink would have a heyday with that.
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