Saturday, December 7, 2013

Five Fails at 5:00

  1. I made a dinner last week that Haki and I agreed resembled vomit more than food.  It was mostly un-salvageable. But we got our money's worth of wasted ingredients in laughs.
  2. I have had a cluster of migraines this week.  Much around here ground to a halt (posts that went up were scheduled /wink). I have only just caught up on folding and putting away the washing Haki kindly kept pumping through the machine and across the washing line during my domestic absence.  The man can fold, but sadly cannot tell much of our girls' clothing apart.  It's actually not so easy any more. 
  3. I will be returning at least one library book I wanted to read, unread, this week, as a result of Item 2.  And I paid a hold fee and waited in a queue to get this book.  Gah!  Yeah, not reading much during the word salad. This post has taken a lot longer to compose than I care to mention. 
  4. I went on a walk with the big girls along the town belt.  Far from home, it became clear Esky was doing the pee-dance.  I thought it might be time to teach m'girl about the desperate-times bush-pee.  And you know what?  That girl was crouched, pants clear, concealed, poised and ready, and she got serious stage fright.  No pee cometh.  We then hoisted and walked the entire journey home so her highness could sit on porcelain to release it.  Oh, the stick falls from the tree with that one.
  5. Often I find movies made with children in mind miss the mark with me here and there.  The Polar Express is one such movie. Have you heard the conductor's final moral message for his passenger/s?   "It doesn't matter where [you're] going, what matters is deciding to get on."  Uh...hi.  Parent here. That could not be further from the truth, my child; the destination is important -- whether we're talkin' on a practical, physical level or a larger, metaphorical one. Furthermore, if a man you've never met tells you to climb aboard his vehicle and ride away -- with no suggestion it might pay to check in with the parental units -- forget enquiring after your destination, you speak with your fists, baby -- Eyes, Neck, Guts, Nuts.  This is not to say we do not like this whole movie.  Strangely, we do.

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