Monday, December 2, 2013

It's officially a tradition

Last year, around this time, we decorated an evergreen outside, at the Lighthouse. 

And today we hung the same baubles at our new home.
Although before we did that, I got to use hedge trimmers. 
My favourite power tool.  /sigh of content. 
Before and after (we all love one, don't we?):

But better yet, during:

Esky decorated Thimba.  She is very festive.  She = Esky and She = Thimba.  
Although Esky insists Thimba is a boy. 
I surfed Thimba to reach the high parts.  Stickin' it to the OSH-man, ooooh yeah.
See the white spot in the mass of green waste?
That would be this (or should I say This?)
Who doesn't see a pile of cuttings and think, "Manger! Swaddling clothes and baby, stat!"?  Like I say, Esky's festive.
/second sigh of content.
Looking over these, I know I am home. 
Also: the best family times for us are almost always when we all work outside together.
What about you?
Yummy (real) babies!  AH!  THREE OF THEM!  I HAVE!  AH!
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