Monday, December 9, 2013

Product Reviews: Revisited

The aforementioned other-Angela and I were chatting recently about how sometimes when we review products on-blog, we say lovely things, only to find a ways down the track that the products we've spoken well of aren't so flash.  Or perhaps a product proves more useful than we first thought.  Either way, our initial assessment wasn't entirely accurate, and this needs be remedied -- especially as we navigate through the buying season!  And remedy we will!  If any of you have subconsciously filed my praise for something back in your mental vaults, please scan these notes to check if that praise held true, over time.  And if you already invested in something I've said was super, only to find you disagreed, perhaps this will clear the air between us!  Read on...

1.  New Zealand Baby Record Book.
I didn't like this, and I still don't.
Verdict: Below-Av.  

2.  Penny Scallan said pretty nice things.  I take back a lot of those things.  With time, I've found that Penny Scallan products don't hold up well.  The wooden cars that come with their collector's box are cute.  The box they came can break too easily in too many ways.  My girls are gentle with it, and the handle still busted loose.  PS was happy to replace it, but with what?  Another collector's box that'll bust when you look at it, is what.  The bibs work well, but the fabric bleeds with washing.  The colouring pencils in their hardboard magnetic cases are the best of the things we got from them (the pencils are a great shape and thickness).
Verdict: Not a brand I'd seek out. Nice pencils'n'boxes.  Yum Yum for Kids
I found the service, website, delivery time, and products to be excellent.  I have paid for items from them since, more than once.  Now, the cheeky chopsticks -- cheaper at The Warehouse and K-Mart.  Way cheaper.  But much else on-site is at or near market value at its RRP, and at sale price, can be better.  Plus, some things are exclusive to YumYum.  The food containers I got for storing baby food were an excellent investment.  The Firmoo thermos has been my go-to for breastmilk and warm baby food on the go, and the Skip Hop Zoo divided plates are the dishes our girls use every meal.  They've held their colour and shape through much washing (including dishwashing now!).  Mia's getting the bee design plate and bowl for Christmas.  Ssssssh, she doesn't know.  The Grippables cutlery begins to wear at the ends a little (mostly from experimental biting of the irresistable squishiness).
Verdict: Great site and service, reliable products, pay slightly more for convenience.

4.  Stickermule
I was impressed with this slick operation and final product.  I still am.
Verdict: Excellent supplier for someone producing a large volume of custom stickers to a very high standard (Better than Vistacrack). 

5.  Blurb
Although paying for all of the frills wouldn't come cheap, if you were payin' (I wasn't), I am so thrilled I got our (Reader's Digest) love story published with Blurb.  It feels like a real book.
Verdict: For a lot of pages and in hardback, you couldn't resell a large volume of books for profit easily via Blurb.  For a single project (or a few copies of a project), Blurb produces quality and has a range of high-end options.

6.  Mocka Soho Chairs called these chairs Mocka-nificent.  I still think they are.  We have two, and the chairs have grown with our children, exactly as we had hoped.  Esky now sits on a "big person" chair, while her old Soho has reverted to its T-bar front and cushions for Mia to assume her place at the table.  The only downside to all the adjusting, is that the allen-key screws wear a little, and that the foot pad can become looser.  None of this effects how impressed we are with these chairs.
Verdict: An excellent, affordable designer-look option for children to eat at the table from 6 months to 5 years (and beyond).  Mocka's free shipping and excellent customer service make them hard to beat.  Womama Birth Wrap
I confessed back when I reviewed one of these, our budget couldn't have absorbed the price, organic cotton or no.  That said...I gave birth to Ivy and Mia wearing this, and I like.  If you're on a more comfortable salary and want to give someone dear a generous gift, this would make a winning one.  I felt nice in labour, because of this wrap.  That's worth something.
Verdict: For those with the moolah, this is a lovely luxury.

Angela has revisited the products she's given press to alsooooo -- swing by her new digs to check how how products she sampled have withstood the test of more time, here.

What about you?  Written a product review and later wanted to eat your words?
Feel free to share for the good of all, below, or post a link to a full "Revisited" review on your blog.
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