Friday, January 24, 2014

Bedtime Tetris - Configuration 239

Notes below:
  1. This is circa 3:00am.  I was tempted to do some time lapse MSPaint-work, but I thought I best not reveal all of our family secrets. (But let's just say, if you're not fast, you're laaaast...)
  2. And to think, you all said if I co-slept with my babies my kids would be in my bed forever.  /blank stare  Hahaha.  
  3. But seriously -- this congestion in the sleep area comes and goes in phases.  We had a few months of the older girls staying in their beds until the lights came on.  Now we're back to night visitors. 
  4. I don't mind that much.
  5. Please note all subjects in this study have contact with the yellow.
  6. There's still room for at least, what? ...six more snugglers. Right? 
  7. Limbs may have been harmed in the making of this configuration.  Nay, they died.  Real good.
  8. And I thought this was tricky. 
  9. Heaven forbid I need to pee...the game quickly changes from Tetris to Jenga.
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