Friday, January 10, 2014

Books We're Loving: 4.5 years II

On a Beam of Light, Jennifer Berne
This is a stellar book.  Albert Einstein stars as an unusual character who thought great thoughts, and it reads so well as a children's tale!  I think it is an utterly wonderful idea for a book and I cannot applaud it enough!  Berne, you are brilliant!
Mister Seahorse, Eric Carle
I hadn't seen this!  I think most of Carle's books have something appealing.  This one has interesting facts woven into the story, and it is such a sweet delivery of those facts via parallel construction, garnished with good manners.  It also features transparent pages, like Dream Snow.
A Mummy for Owen, Marion Dane Bauer
Based on a true story of wildlife adoption, I was charmed by this tale (although there's some sadness in it, too).  It is a great discussion-starter for this age.

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