Thursday, January 2, 2014

Five Feelings at 5:00

I'm feeling...
  1. Gratitude.  We received a beautiful book, shipped directly from The Book Depository.  We didn't order it.  And no one has checked in to see if we received it, nor dropped any hints.  Can I just say that I'm a big fan of anonymous gifts?  I am a big fan of anonymous gifts!  Yes, I love to be able to thank someone; yes, yes.  But what I love even more, is knowing someone out there wants our happiness more than he/she wants recognition.   I only worried if I'd lost my mind for about three minutes.
  2. Surprised.  When I was growing up, our family won stuff a lot.  Cars, even. During Christmas-week, my dad checked if I had signed up for My 2Degrees and entered their Christmas promotion.  My head was elsewhere, but my Competition P.A. persisted.  In the end, I gave him my password and agreed he should just log in and enter for me.  Which he did.  Twice. We won a bodyboard and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.  Winning -- it's what we do.  /"Don't hate the player?"-shrug
  3. Dread.  Our decorations are still up.  Some years, this has been because I don't want the season to end.  This year, it's because I am not at all looking forward to the task of packing them all away. With all the rain we've had (which is fine, do what you will, Weather), laundry, child-rearing, and staying up too late watching period dramas is about all I care to manage.  Untangling the lights on the tree?  Hauling stuff into the bowels of the garage?  Maybe next week.  (And I'm not one for procrastinating.)
  4. Confusion.  I was released from being in charge of the kids' organisation at church a few weeks ago.  I knew it was coming. I mean, we did move out. I still feel...blah about it.  I miss the team of people I worked with and I miss teaching each week.  But I'm also relieved...because then there's more time for untangling lights, right?  Or more late night period drama.
  5. Suffocated.  By screens.  They're the vampires of this decade.  I realise I'm at one now. And that I watched eight episodes of The Paradise on one in a matter of days.  But people on their phones when there are people right there, wanting to engage with them? @#*&@?!  I've instituted some phone-free blocks of time in my day in an effort to avoid being bitten and drained dry...since I doubt they respond to garlic.
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