Thursday, January 23, 2014

Five things I scarcely believe at 5:00

  1. Esky (4.5y) has a wiggly tooth.  A bona fide, meant-to-come-out-on-its-own, wiggly tooth.  Wha'?  How am I already here?  (Esky got her first teeth at 4 months, so they're on their way out early too.  /sigh)
  2. I felt I needed a fatty and filling snack, pronto, a week or so ago.  I opened the cupboards, and all I found that was immediately edible was left-over Christmas confectionery.  Gah!  I went out and bought a cheese-lovers' pizza and ate the entire. thing. by myself.  I am priiiitty sure my breastfeeding cravings whip my pregnancy cravings' butt. 
  3. Mia (7.5m) is crawling.  At speed.  And pulling to stand a lot.  I'm pretty sure I just had her.
  4. Haki and I always exchange glances whenever a dentist ad promises to cure you of all your dental ills.  I mean, really?  Really? Because that would put them out of a job, right?  I mean, I get that not everyone is dutiful...but if fluoride, floss, and frequency were enough, wouldn't all of the people with OCD...or just plain ol' good free from fillings?  Because they're not.  Cure-all, schmure-all.  And then along comes oil pulling.  That was left field.  But once I can source me some organic coconut oil you can bet I'll be happy to board the bandwagon of sampling holistic dentistry.  Yes, it makes sense to me that something organic could do just as good (or better) a job at keeping my teeth from aching.  In fact, I'd venture because it wasn't concocted by chemists and dentists, it's more likely to keep me away from their chairs (and from wiring them funds).  But then again, I think many of us eat such trashy foods now -- what else can we expect but our teeth complaining?  If I want to go back to more base methods, I should probably go back to more base eating, too.  /sigh. I'd love to keep all of my teeth for life! 
  5. In 5-10 years, won't Stevia be the next thing that will kill us all?  I mean, it's too good to be true, isn't it?  Sweet without a price? 

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