Monday, January 27, 2014

Mia on Overdrive

8 months old and she...
  • loving crackers, kumara, dry cereal, muffin, banana custard, pasta, and anything found on the floor.  First food: rusk.  Second food: banana.  I began giving her things from 6 months, but she was neither ready nor interested until 7; very different from her older sisters.
  • crazy about her baby and soft toys.  She is the first of our three to be very interested in the things designed for her.  It's pretty delightful to see her giddy when you dangle one of her toys within reach.  
  • ...has been clapping on demand for a month.
  • crawling.  Fast.  She began rocking on all fours and going from sitting to all fours and back a lot at 7 months.  Now, after 2 weeks of crawling, she's picking up speed.
  • pulling to stand all. day.  It isn't a race, child!  Seriously!  I know some parents thrill when children reach milestones relatively early...but I am digging in my heels a little when this cherub isn't lookin'...because I was so enjoying baby-ness again!
  • still so smiley.
  • ...does very sweet "hi" and bye-bye waves -- from the wrist.
  • ...initiates peek-a-boo with curtains, scarves, sheets and bibs.
  • making a lot of sounds but is fairly non-discriminatory in their use.  A variation of Esky's name and chanting "bubba" are her two most consistent vocal games.
  • ...will have two top teeth to answer her bottom pair before the next update.  Mark. my. words.

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