Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 39
The Book Thief
Geoffrey Rush was magnificent. Liesel was played well (and by a creature of beauty!). The film was intelligent.  Good, even.  But what an intimidating task -- to adapt a poignant, powerful and poetic book!  I liked the movie.  I expected to be more moved than I was, is my only major gripe.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Entertaining.  I love elf warriors.  I think I'm noticing how long each of these installments feels more so for having read the book.  Golly it took a long time to meet the dragon, did it not?
Winner winner chicken dinner.  Of the titles in this bulk hit, this is my favourite!  What a fantastic film!  We laughed, how we laughed (eyes watering at least once).  Insta-classic, peop's.  The songs are incredible, the story is tight, the feminist content is delicious, the relationships and emotion is surprising, it is beautiful to behold, and we have been quoting it all week.  (Also: this movie is a case of the movie being BETTER than the book -- what a great twist on The Snow Queen!)
Summer Stock
I'm glad I've seen this...but I don't think I'd get that jazzed about watching it again.  If you're after a Kelly and Garland collaboration, try The Pirate...because Garland isn't quite on her game in this (her yo-yo weight in-film is distracting too, I hate to, she was meant to be at her worst in RL for the making of this, her last MGM picture).

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