Saturday, January 11, 2014

Three Links

Three things I (may have been the last to*) find amusing:
(*since I'm sans FB and Twitter)
  1. Book Depository "live" sounded like a waste of time to me.  Let me assure you, it is that, but it now also sounds like an amusing waste of my time.  I'd even argue it is borderline educational.  Try it! (See what people are buying all over the world with a world map that pings up images of what has just been purchased where.)
  2. If you haven't heard this Lorde parody on sleep dep, it's time you did (best if you skip reading anything and hit the play triangle on the orange-red and white graphic at the top).
  3. It's crazy how contradictory advice can be for parents.  This essay on the differing opinions relating to babies and sleep is fun-heeee. 
Thank you, moi, Heather and Kylie, respectively.   Moi: "You're welcome," /waving dismissive hand.  (I'm ever-so-gracious.)

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