Friday, February 28, 2014

Eight Doings at 8:00

Lately, I...
  1. ...have had my parents as house guests.
  2. ...teach piano students.  True story.
  3. ...have been sliding down hydro-slides with small humans seat-belted in a hug upon my lap.  Their hearts beat so fast. 
  4. ...swam in the ocean.  My heart beat so fast.  Brrrr.
  5. ...participate in a lot of kitchen cabaret.  Mostly of the Frozen soundtrack variety.
  6. ...visit prospective schools for Esky.  I'm as torn as a torn thing.
  7. ...have been preparing for a massive trip up north to care for my brothers four children...with my three children accompanying. 
  8. ...don't sleep much.  Not new, but lately true.  See what I do?  I do it for you.  I carry through, as carry-throughers do. Enough ado!  Adieu!
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