Thursday, February 6, 2014

Five things smart people do at 5:00

Smart people...
  1. ...cook their corn on the cob in the microwave.  Tell me you do this.  I'm sure you do, because ((see Item 2)).  Ya, ya, microwaves may kill us all in the end, but you know what, we'll have been dining on crisper, sweeter, silk-free corn on the way to our nuked-up graves.  If you are still shucking your corn and boiling it, you must stop immediately.  Experience the magic of microwaved corn.  'Tis the season to do it (here in NZ anyway).  Corn it up!  (Also, "shuck" does sound like a very rude word.  James Dashner thought so.  I think so.  Do you?  I mean, it really is a blend of two very rude words.)  Back to smart people...
  2. this blog.
  3. ...know it's a holiday here tomorrow.  I almost wasn't one of them.  I only just remembered/realised/caught up.  Y'see, as one of my dear friends pointed out, yesterday, "Every day is like a holiday for you, Angela."  She has a point.  It does mean I am sometimes taken by surprise to find surplus kiddilicks at playgrounds, stat day surcharges at places I visit, people at my door on a social call, or supermarket queues brimming with school-aged children.  These have all been known to happen.  This time it's different.  This holiday isn't a royal's's one that matters.  Kinda.  Oh boy have I opened myself up for all kinds of assaults in the comments.
  4. ...leave kind comments, because they know I'm only teasing. Mostly.
  5. ...use WhatsApp.  Well, if they have a Smart Phone.  First world concerns, eh? It is superior to all other instant messengers in practically every way.  Don't make me do an entire post on this, people.
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