Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cresstastic, Cresstacular, Cressious
Cress, Marissa Meyer
/singing:"Looooved it!"
  • Cress is my favourite heroine in this series, yet!  EEee!  I imagine her as a mixture of Tangled's Rapunzel (go figure...since that's the fairytale this novel is retelling) and Frozen's Anna (another isolated dreamer).  Yes, I have already done my fantasy casting of the film adaptation of the book. "Kristen Bell," is the answer. Cress is a quirky but gutsy blonde who is tiny and can belt out a tune.  Such a likeable heroine.  LOVE HER.
  • Not only is the new leading lady a winner, one of the supporting characters -- whom I found to be a real deadweight previously? GOLDEN in Cress.  This has everything to do with Cress, see bullet 1.
  • I felt like I was reading a mixture of Firefly, Star Wars and Stardust, in book form. Cress is not afraid to be hard sci fi.  There be spaceships, peop's. And cyborgs. And lunar colonies. And androids, and alien races, and genetic enhancements -- it's all there and yet you SHOULD NOT RUN FOR THE CHROME-FREE HILLS, haters...embrace the SCI FI!  Truly.  It is glorious. Now, back to the film comparisons.  Corny, light-heartedness in a spaceship + reluctant captain and beautiful women who really run the show (Firefly), things-I-can't-say-without-spoiling-it (Star Wars), and a massive quest with royalty and love involved that doesn't take itself too seriously (Star Wars and Stardust).
  • Cinder is still awesome. 
I found this book super-entertaining and so vivid it is already a blockbuster in my head.  So fun!

This is Book 3 in The Lunar Chronicles.  There will be at least four books in this series.  
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