Thursday, March 27, 2014

Five Shorties at 5:00

  1. I recently devoured a proof copy of Dreams of  Gods and Monsters.  I am so excited about giving some new copies to you...and sharing my review, come release date (April 8!).  I may already be squealing too much by using the verb "devoured."
  2. I have parsley in my teeth a lot.  It is because I put parsley in the risoni salad that I eat in crazy volumes.  It is a price I'm willing to pay.  Haki: "Just assume you always have parsley in your teeth after you eat the salad."  What I heard: "The salad."  What I thought: "Thee salad indeed.  I think I might have some more salad."
  3. We haven't been getting sick as often as we used to.  It's great.  But we did get sick on the singular weekend celebrating 50 years since our local chapel was built.  A weekend I was to be heavily involved in.  There were a lot of special things planned we missed.  Next time?  (/strained snort) What a pain.
  4. I am following The Block Sky High, online.  I've always wanted to watch one of these series'.  It's safe to say I'm invested.
  5. On TV shows: After Haki and I found out who Red John was, we watched 5 or so more episides, and we are done with The Mentalist now.  The super-predictable one with the Mexican border sealed it.

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