Friday, March 28, 2014

Giveaway: Book 3!

/Singing: "I have some of these to give awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." 

Want one?  For you, or a friend?
Leave a comment below.
Anyone can enter.
(include an email address if it isn't linked)

Leave an additional comment for every book of Laini's you've already purchased (including as gifts).  E.g. if you bought books one and two and the novella, then you can leave FOUR comments, total (freebie entry + three extra for the three purchases).  If you've already pre-ordered Dreams of Gods and Monsters, that's another entry!

Feel free to buy and then enter. :)


Eeek, can't wait to talk about this s'more!
Somehow missed my raving posts on this matter?  
Interview of Angela and Laini

Be sure to watch my book buddy's space -- she'll have a review, giveaway and FAN ART (!?!?!) going up in the next couple of weeks -- more chances to win and join in celebrating this book's release!
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