Saturday, March 15, 2014


Locked in.


Yeah, I had a post go up recently in which I mentioned Esky might be starting school.  I'd scheduled that post to appear when that news was true...but oh, how things changed by the time it was displayed.  Those in the inner circle were awful confused.  Soz, guys.

Anyways, homeschool; it's not for everyone, but it's for us.  Most assuredly.
And I've been walking on air since we settled upon it.*  Sweet, sweet peace.

We intend to be part of a public school community in a year or two. 

Right, I'm off -- back to the morning's lesson: "Yardwork is good for you." /wink

*That is, settled upon the decision to keep homeschooling -- now that Esky is approaching "school age" -- we've been home pre-schooling for years, of course. /second wink
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