Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ivy: She Quotes

Almost 3 years of age, and...
  • Movie quotes are this kid's life.  Movies she's seen once, even, receive homage by way of re-enactment and spontaneous quote.  If she sees a slightly elevated beam of any sort (such as the railway sleeper that lines our driveway), she steps onto it, spreads her arms, and cries, "It's tumming through dat tunnel!" (as declared by the children's group leader while indicating the source of the sound of bells, balancing on atop a railway track in The Polar Express).  Whenever she sees a slightly elevated platform (such as our patio), she raises both hands to cup her mouth and cries, "Grissaw!" (what she thinks is the name of the Waterhorse, as called by his human friend in the film so-named.  His name is Crusoe...said in an Irish accent.)  
  • She loves dresses.  She wears a dress every day.  Any dress will work (she'll wear a non-dress if you negotiate), but one dress in particular is theeee dress; it is an orangey-red dress with white polka-hearts; that dress goes from her body, to the machine, to the line, to her body...(you get're smart).   If you are not wearing a dress, you are not pretty.  By definition, "pretty" means "wearing a dress."  No matter what we say.  This was recently confirmed by her declaring a dancing rhino "pretty" because she had on one adorned in pink sequins in a book we were reading.  I'm not exaggerating when I say the rhino was very big boned and not so pretty.
  • Ivy's hugs are the things of dreams.  She wraps her hands tightly around your neck and nuzzles into you.  Then she whispers or proclaims (it can go either way), "I love my mama!"  Well, that's what she says to me.  What does she say to you?  It's the best.
  • She is obsessed with Thomas.  Thomas audio books to fall asleep to, Thomas movies she begs Esky let her watch, Thomas puzzles, calling her generic wooden train engines characters from Thomas, Thomas story books, colouring in's quite the phase.
  • The kid cracks. us. up;
Ivy:  Mummy, Mummy!
Me:  Yes?
Ivy:  No, she's my mama (pointing at Esky), we're pending!

Ivy (at bedtime):  Mama, please give me some privacy.
Me:  Done (walking out of the room after tucking her in).
Ivy: Mama?  Mama?  Where's my privacy?!
(she still doesn't get it)
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