Monday, March 10, 2014


Watching: The Mentalist, online
Using: Springpad (a list app...diggin' it)
Teaching: Junior Youth Sunday School (that's the new hat I wear at church)
Re-reading: Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Days of Blood and Starlight, and Night of Cake and Puppets, because I'm ...
Counting down to: The release of Dreams of Gods and Monsters.
Starting: Daily exercises to repair Diastasis Recti.
Missing: Flo.
Eating: Risoni salad.  Still.  And in volumes you'd scarcely believe.
Sneaking: Mugs of homemade iced chocolate.
Wearing: A name necklace I adore.
Creating: Piano theory activity sheets.
Wanting: A bigger bed.
Hiding: One noisy toy.
Enjoying: A washing line next to my kids' playzone.
Noticing: The way my eyelid is taking longer and longer to return to its place after a pinch and pull.  #Unimpressed.
Recommending: Frozen.
Working on: Clearing the embankment along the edge of our property.  I bought a line trimmer.  Yus...the quest to amass a modest cache of power tools is being realised.  /Tim the Toolman Taylor "Ooou"

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