Friday, March 7, 2014

Thinking on the Unthinkable...and then living
I don't like to think about bad things happening to my girls. 
I can scarcely read news headlines, let alone view films featuring anything even mildly unsettling happening to a child. 
I avoid it all.

But I am also aware of some ugly statistics. 
And I feel that some of those things we can all agree are unthinkable, horrifying-to-imagine-things, are in need of some thought.  I think if we dwell on negative possibilities, it will cripple us.  But I choose to touch upon them, for fear of ill-preparing my children.  My heart would bleed to hear my child lament, "No one had ever told [me] that a little girl on her own is exactly what a hungry wolf is looking for." 

I'm talking about abuse, if you hadn't gathered.

I read this excellent post.  I discussed it with a dear friend and my husband.  I've had a few talks with Esky as a result, since.  And I feel better for having taken this course.  But don't get me wrong: it's not fun to think about.  But think about it, briefly, I feel we must ('we' being my family)...a few times, at least (given we've procreated a few times).  And there will need to be top-up talks, too.  But then we move on...and live, with caution but without fear.

What are your thoughts?

Top Image from Tom McBratney's retelling of Little Red Riding Hood -- a loaded page, if I ever saw one!  Esky and I discussed this (pretty scary) story as an allegory this month.
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