Monday, March 17, 2014

This is my stop on the Oliver train
Panic, Lauren Oliver
I won't say this book was a waste of my time.  It wasn't.  But I can't heartily recommend it as my kind of book.  You see, Oliver has produced my kind of book in the past (namely: Delirium).  So I naturally put my hand up for a review copy of her latest release (out this month, in bookstores).   Unfortunately, I am not fan of this book's flavour...but good on you, ma'am, for being an author without a brand!

So, Panic. It's a book about fear; a book about semi-fledged-adults inventing ways to create thrill and excitement in lives they feel are lacking those things...
  • It reminded me of the many Christopher Pike books I went through a phrase of reading as a teenager.  You know, around the same time I had Scream movie marathon sleep-overs?  We all did it.  Right?....?  Weird phase.  Glad it's over.  
  • The novel feels pretty realistic.  I believe the characters capable of the things they do, and their choices seem justifiable, even if I wouldn't follow their paths. 
  • There was nothing that jumped out as really poignant to me.  There were a lot of cliches (which semi-fledged adults traffic in, fair enough), but the story and basic premise didn't feel new.
  • It was predictable...and without satisfaction, when it was.
  • The super-flawed characters are interesting, but none of them are role models -- not consistently, at least -- they may have "moments", but overall, there is no hero or heroine in this book I would want to be like or be friends with. There's no one I would want my (someday) teenage daughter to be like.  I also (dare I say it) think the power of suggestion is a dangerous thing, with books like this. 
  • There is a lot of swearing.
So, are you sorry your Pike phase ended?  Or perhaps you're feeling nostalgic for those semi-creepy adolescent thrillers?  Then you may just have found a new book.  You're welcome!

As for me, I've hit the buzzer, it's time I got off this train.  After Requiem (the last station where my hand hovered over the button), the writing was on the wall; it was graffiti in my Oliver train.  It said, "Sci Fi ends here"  I ignored it...foolishly. 

I would've posted even earlier, guys (I know, you can let out all that breath you bated waiting on my verdict), but I've been too distracted by my /stage whisper:PROOF COPY of Dreams of Gods and Monsters.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Watch this space, you can win a copy of Book 3 right heaaaaa.

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