Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fortunate Events: Part 2


Part 2: "The Tousins" and Family Time

After flying out from Christchurch, being met by my sister in Wellington, and driving out to li'l ol' Waikanae, my daughters joined four of their cousins (my brother's children), whom we had come to play fill-in parents to for a few weeks.  They were immediately at ease.  After the first two weeks, come Easter, we were joined by both of my sisters, their husbands, and their children.  It was heart-warming to see them spending time together, and I know they miss it already. 

Some of my favourite moments:
  • Ivy regularly calling the children to attention by saying, "Tousins?  Tousins?"  And then sharing some piece of trivia (which she clearly deemed of great import).
  • Seeing that panoramic shot of much of the group together for the first time -- it made it real that my siblings and my kids are playing together!  This photo was taken of a group that went to play at the school playground, and doesn't include all of the kids or adults! This photo also marks, chronologically, where the sequence switches from 7 kids to 13 (Easter).
  • Colouring sessions (Photo 2).
  • Impromptu dancing sessions (Photos 3 and 4).
  • Haki Huddles, as I thought of them.  If Haki was reading a book, watching cat videos (yes, he does that), or being "Papa Playground," the children flocked to him.
  • The gathering by the woodpile -- the photo is hard make out?  That's a picnic, and they are blessing the food.
  • Seeing chubby Mia swinging next to her much older leeeeedle cousin.  Everyone in the background is family.  We filled the park.
  • All of the cousins lovin' on Mia.  Mia walking in amongst all of the activity and loving them right back.  
  • Seeing the way my nieces and nephews faces lit up when they would see me waiting outside their school.
  • The eldest cousin mixing with the adults after the other cousins went to bed each night (last photo).  Engaged in serious discussion on the couch we have my two sisters and their husbands, sandwiching my nephew.  My feet are all engaged in this talk.
  • The eldest cousin's cooking!  Mmmmm.
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