Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mia: Walking

This kid has been pulling to stand and toddling a few steps here and there for a long time.  But during our April trip northward (yes, that's where we've been, oh haiiii), Mia decided she wouldn't be doing any of that so-last-month crawling anymore.  In addition to this new hobby, we brought a bug back from our time away,'s our almost-11-month-old, walking and snotty.  Peppa is on the background, because we are all snotty...and my tolerance for screentime grows with our lymph nodes.

I love that she seems to have brakes in her neck and a purpose to her kitchen visit; "Cupboard still under parent guard? Check.  Well, I must be going then."

Post-trip post overload to follow.  x
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