Monday, April 28, 2014

A Series of Unfortunate Events, "Up North"

We flew up to Kapiti to spend a few weeks playing fill-in parents to my brother's children while he and his tremendous wife made a much-needed trip to our homeland (for their anniversary, to attend a conference, to see family, and support my eldest brother running the Boston marathon, and more).

Not everything went according to plan.  And some of those unplanned things were less than pleasant.  There were nits, spew bugs, mice, dead cars, smashed toes, fevers, faulty machines, faulty plugs, hallucinations, bee stings, motion sickness-sufferers, and sleep walkers. There was that morning we nine turned up looking all dapper in two cars wearing our Sunday best to find an empty carpark.  We were at the wrong location.  

But you know what?  I still felt fortunate.  Some of the circumstances were not (I wouldn't have asked for any of the things in that list), but the bigger picture -- the one where I got to fly up and be there for my kin?  The one where my little humes play with their cousins -- that picture?  It was still intact.  And I felt so happy I could be there

Tomorrow: The good.  So much good.

Picture: Ivy recovers from a middle-of-the-night power spew.  Here she is, by, swaddled in a towel like a bebe, sleeping on a towel, being spooned by a standby catch-all-chunder-container, with her hair in a high pony to prevent the spread of the itchy-bugs.  Oh my.
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