Monday, May 12, 2014

A lovely read-aloud
A Tail of a Tale, Margaret Mahy
This (169 page) book is perfect for reading aloud in installments over a week or two with a little human in your life;
  • I knew it was a hit when we neared the end and I said, "We'll have finished this soon!" and Esky replied eagerly, "And then can we read it again!?"  
  • I foresee this becoming a family favourite over the years, and I won't mind re-reading it.
  • It doesn't have anything too scary, it appeals to childish humour without relying on anything vulgar or mean-spirited to do so (and nothing unkind is left unchecked), and it introduces some colourful vocabulary and ideas without losing younger listeners/readers.  
  • The magical content helps! 
  • I enjoyed seeing Esky pick up on most of the plays on words / puns / ambiguity (including the book's title) and anticipating narrative development.  There are a few poetic turns of phrase that are lovely too, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek names for places and people for older readers.
  • The sketchy illustrations throughout were welcomed by my li'l listener (in fact, listeners -- Ivy, age 3, was attentive for our sessions too, but she didn't request them or relish them as Esky did, age almost-5).  A great transition-to-big-books book.  
Thank you, Hachette, for the review copy, we are thrilled to have added this to our family library.
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