Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fortunate Events: Part 3


Part 4: Celebrating / Special Occasions

Our visit dates included Easter and Ivy's actual birthday (which we had celebrated before leaving home too).  With Esky's birthday approaching, the cousins suggested we celebrate both girls' days together, and so the eldest cousin made a cake and we lined up candles on each half to represent the girls' age in years.  They also opened a present each from their housemates.  For Easter, I prepared an elaborate hunt and chocolate and non-chocolate bounty.  Our stay also brought us together for the screening of a worldwide conference of our church.

Some of my favourite moments:
  • Viewing General Conference with seven little humans.  They took notes, they listened, they pretend to conduct the music (Ivy, Photo 2), they played quietly...they desperately searched the screen for a glimpse of their parents in attendance in the conference centre... 
  • Ivy sing-songing, "What's it gonna beeee?" as Esky unwrapped her present from her cousins.
  • Seeing the cousins head out in waves (by age) to hunt for mini chocolate eggs outside, then  thrill in their finds.
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