Saturday, May 3, 2014

Let's Play: There's a lesson in that... what is it?
Can you guess from the picture alone?
Nope.  You're probably...everybody.
Yes?  You're my new BFF.  Sorry, current BFFs.  Or maybe you were already my BFF.  Figures. Claim it in the comments or message me, stat, either way!

Clue: It's from an April Conference talk.  Boom.

I welcome silly invented answers with no interest in the real one, legit and hopeful guesses, as well as confident assertions you have solved my riddle.  Your belief system is also irrelevant for your submissions (although the image represents portion of a Sunday School lesson).

Feel left out of the loop?
You can read my inspiration for this little miniatures lesson here.
It's my favourite talk from a recent worldwide conference. 
It's like TED, only way way more churchaaaay.
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